MOJO Performance Food Program


Welcome to the 12-week MOJO Performance Food Program

Based on an individual analysis we will help you individualise your optimal nutrition for health, performance, injury prevention and cognitive performance


Lets get this process started!

We will start the program with an individual analysis, then proceed with 10 coaching sessions, individualized food programs and support materials, and finish with a final analysis after 12 weeks.


Consisting of 7-day food log and questionnaire on day 7.


12-week coaching program consisting of weekly sessions.

During the INTRO ANALYSIS you can pick your favorite time during the week for our weekly sessions.


At the end of the 12-weeks we will evaluate the progress made so far and make a decision on how to proceed.

We are here to help YOU perform at your best!

Our team consists of nutritionists, sports scientists, doctors and physiscal therapists.

Together we will help you reach your potential!

Precision Diagnostics

If necessary, we will perform state-of-the-art precision diagnostics and guide you through intepretation and sensible interventions.


Food Plans & Principles

Depending on your preference we will provide you with detailed nutrition plans or education and principles to improve your own decision-making.

Support APP

With our support app you have access to all detailled ressources, shopping lists, micronutrient catalogs, recipes, and more tips&tricks.

(available late 2021)


This is the TEAM that will care for you

Dr. Gerrit Keferstein

Coach with over 10 years experience in elite sport. Medical doctor with specialties in functional medicine, neuroimmunology and regenerative medicine.

Paulina von Wieding

Licenced nutritionist with focus on mitochondrial energy metabolism to improve health & performance.

David Höhfeld

Sports Scientist and coach with many years of experience in professional volleyball with a specialization in kybernetic movement regulation.

Joshua Sauren

Sports Scientist and coach with a background in collegiate and professional American Football. His specialty is using breathing techniques and cryotherapy to modulate the immune system.