Ketamine augmented therapy in a structured and safe setting

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We believe in you!

You might feel lonely, sad, hurt, left out, anxious, hopeless or lost. Whatever you are going through – we believe in you and we are here to help you.

The ketamine-augmented therapies -embedded in a guided, safe and structured process- can be an important step towards healing.

Ketamine shows evidence-based effects in the treatment of depression, anxiety, (posttraumatic) stress disorders and chronic pain syndromes. 


This is what you can expect

Holistic and safe preparation

Right after booking you will get access to our digital support platform for our ketamine therapy. There you will find comprehensive information for your optimal preparation and aftercare in the context of the ketamine-augmented therapy. We will guide you step-by-step through the process and you can book all appointments online with the click of a button.


Medical Care

You will begin the therapy with a medical consultation and medical checkup. This will ensure safety and prepare you for the infusion therapies. During this medical checkup our medical team will discuss with you the optimal set and setting for an effective therapy. 


Ketamine-augmented infusion therapy

In the MOJO Institute our medical team will welcome you in a safe and warm environment. You will have enough time to arrive and settle down before therapy starts. During the infusion therapy your treating doctor will be in the room with you and will individually guide the infusion therapy for you. After around 60 minutes the infusion therapy is concluded and you will have a reflection session with your doctor.


Integration and Follow-Up

After the ketamine-augmented therapy the new experiences will weave into your life and we want to help you integrate these new perspectives. All our therapies will conclude with an integration session one week after the last infusion.

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We are here to help you

Start with the online screening to find out if ketamine-augmented therapy is right for you. After the online screening you can have a call with our medical team or you can go straight to booking the ketamine therapy.


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